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Pentacle Necklace / Pentacle Necklace Made by Ivry Belle Jewelry


A hand carved pentacle with five points features a rose along each of these points. The pentacle shape is finished with a twig like texture featuring a cast of five cute little leaves. This pentacle pendant is offered in sterling silver and bronze. These pentacles have been lightly oxidized to create depth and dimension. The entire process from start to finish is done by hand.

The Pentacle is an ancient symbol, used by many cultures in their magical rituals. As a sacred object it is a protective and positive symbol. All five points, have their own meaning. The upward point of the Star represents the Spirit. The other four points all represent the elements we share here on Planet Earth: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. All of these elements influence our current life form and are part of all of us. Wearing a Pentacle symbolizes this connection. 

The number 5 has always been regarded as mystical and magical.  We have five fingers/toes on each limb extremity. We commonly note five senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. We perceive five stages or initiations in our lives - birth, adolescence, coitus, parenthood and death. 


Metal: Sterling silver or bronze.

Size: 1.5" in circumference with a 1/4" bail (where the chain feeds through)

Chain: Sterling silver or gold-filled. Custom chains lengths are welcomed. Please contact me beforehand.



You will receive one pentacle pendant necklace.

© Ivry Belle Jewelry, 2022

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