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Harvest Moon Labradorite Hair Cuff with Pin / Handmade by Ivry Belle Jewelry


A faceted tear drop labradorite stone adorns a domed oval sterling silver hair cuff. Three inches high by 2.25 inches wide, embellished with decorative stampings and polished to perfection. An easy way to decorate your hair, either in a high bun, low bun, or simple over your ponytail, securely and safely, meant for everyday wear. My makers mark is in the back. This piece is one of a kind.



Metal: sterling silver.

Stone: an all natural faceted labradorite with flashes of blue. 

You will receive one hair cuff as seen in picture.


Please familiarize yourself with my policies before purchasing from my shop https://ivrybellejewelry.com/pages/contact-us-shipping-return-policy 


*As with all handmade jewelry, my pieces are delicate and should not be worn during strenuous activity or in water. Please take care to remove all pieces while swimming, bathing, washing hands, playing sports, etc. 


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