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Ivry Belle Jewelry is handmade by jeweler Ivry Russillo on Martha’s Vineyard where she is originally from, at her barn studio in West Tisbury. Ivry Russillo transforms her collections into the most unique way by using the lost wax casting method as well as one of a kind hand fabricated items. When working a new collection, it starts with carving each design by hand in wax and then cast in metal. The process from start to finish is all done by Designer Ivry. After each piece has been cast it is cleaned up, sanded and polished to become a wearable piece of jewelry. After the pieces undergo this process, some are potentially set with a stone or stones and then fabricated to the wearer’s size. All pieces are intended to adorn your body celebrating its existence with decoration, style and spirit. 

The Freedom Collection blends Classic Americana influence and one’s revolving individuality. Combined elements of oxidized bronze and floral accents create a harmonious blend of effortlessly beautiful nature. Inspired by the Mother Earth’s powerful offerings evolved The Freedom Collection delivering freedom to explore your curiosity.